Virginia United Church Mission and Vision:

We at Virginia United Church are a friendly and caring church family, with a warm and open welcome to all.  As followers of Christ with many talents, we strive to do God's work in our local and world-wide community.

                                                                             Christmas Eve was a blessed event

Upcoming Events

Mar. 29th - Maundy Thursday Service at the St. James Anglican Church

Mar. 30th - 11:00am Good Friday Service at Salvation Army

April 1st -7:30am  Easter Sunrise Service - Virginia United Church,  followed by breakfast and our 9:15 am service

                                         "All God's Creatures" sing in our choir !

Worship with us every Sunday 9:15 a.m. Children's Time and Sunday School during the Service

This amazing country church is currently seeking an interested individual as a book keeper. Please call or email if this would suit.